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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Matthew 13: 44-46 
In his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.” Matthew 13: 44

The eyes open wide…the heart quickens…the body tenses with anticipation. What can this be? There is always an allure and mystery about hidden treasure. Here at the moment of laying eyes on the treasure, there is absolute, sheer joy, the nano-second of recognition that what has been revealed is awe-some, pure Truth and must be had at any price. Jesus asks whether we are willing to give up everything to claim the treasure. In reality we cannot buy the field for we have nothing to offer to God but ourselves.
What are the times in your life when you have glimpsed the treasure put in front of you by God?
The second man is on a journey. He knows and recognizes a priceless pearl for that is his trade in life. He is willing to give up everything he owns to buy that pearl. We too are on a journey. We believe in the existence of the priceless pearl. We are willing to continue to search in order to find it.
When have you recognized the pearl in your life and are you willing to give up everything to have it?
Whether by the grace of God we unexpectedly come across the treasure/pearl or whether we diligently search through the inner fields of silence and solitude, chastity and celibacy, the Scriptures, Baptism, or Eucharist can we say that we joyfully desire God above all else?

Doreen Davidson

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