Saturday, December 19, 2015

PEACE Sunday, December 20, 2015

 Isaiah 9:6-7

For unto us a child is born......

The strings start, then the sopranos come in followed by the tenors and before I can even line my fingers up on the computer keyboard to work on my meditation, the rest of the choir has joined in and I have a full blown performance of Handel's Messiah playing in my head. (The theme for this week is peace so it's a good thing the Hallelujah chorus with it's tympani part is part of the Easter section of the Messiah!)

For many years as a youngster, I remember my dad conducting Handel's Messiah at our cathedral. It was no small affair, choir, soloists and full orchestra. I'm not sure if the orchestra was paid in those days, but I do remember that the musicians loved to take part year after year. The most memorable performance was the year the bass player had a paying job later on the night of the performance but he didn't want to miss playing for Dad. He played the first half and had a friend step in for him after the break. One of them was tall and dark and the other was stockier and had shocking red hair and a full red beard. They could not have been anymore different. I don't know if the audience noticed the change but certainly the members of the choir and orchestra did!
....Unto us a son is given”

A child born and a son given. Consider the difference?   

  Chris Hooker

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