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Friday, December 4, 2015

1 Thessalonians 1:2-10

We think and speak often of life as a journey. Our hopes, dreams, reflections and questions on “the good life” are never far away. Moving along our path (some or all of which we have not chosen) we are influenced by an endless variety of experiences and people, not all of which are met with comfort and joy.

Reading these verses from Paul to the Thessalonians, I detected a “journey in words”, moving through the steps of: being remembered where we are and what we’ve been through; being reminded that we have been chosen; that we are gifted by the Holy Spirit; that, as a result, we can become examples to others who have not yet found their path or who are struggling to keep on a path.

The road that Joseph guided the donkey along with its passenger was no doubt arduous, long and at times painful because of Mary’s condition. They must have had a deep source of hope that they would get to their destination, despite whatever rough patches confronted them; as well as wherever the road of their lives would lead them after that.

In Advent this unique section of our road of life opens yet again for us to travel, perhaps noting some new insights as we journey with hope to whatever lies ahead for us and our world, and all that lies between. May we each have a meaning-filled journey . . . .

Mary L. (Bunny) Stewart

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