Sunday, December 20, 2015

Monday, December 21, 2015

 Isaiah 26:1-9 

Awaiting the Messiah, the Child to be born, we prepare for His coming and we anticipate that day with hope, joy and love. 

How do you prepare yourself, O my soul? It is not enough to know the truth; you must guard the truth and keep it. Many have been in conflict with others as they claim to be defending the truth: that is ungodly zeal. Beware of that. But the words of the Prophet Isaiah teach you to “guard the truth … lay hold of the truth and keep peace” (Is 26: 2,3). The Truth is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came in the flesh into our world to reconcile all things unto Himself granting us His eternal peace. O my soul, you know Him, so guard this knowledge, hold fast to Him and His words and keep peace with yourself and with others; peace with those far and near … peace with enemies and friends … peace with all.

Preparing my home for Christmas includes sweeping, washing, choir practice and decorating with special ornaments. Likewise, my soul, your preparation for His coming requires emptying and filling.   

Emptying the heart and the mind of falsehood, and filling them with the Truth of who He is: the King of Peace, the Way, and the True Light.

Emptying the senses of worldly pleasures, and filling the mouth with the ancient song of Isaiah: “Behold, we have a strong city; He will make our salvation its surrounding wall.” (Is 26:1)

Emptying my time of vain occupations and distractions, and filling it with acts of charity, reconciliation, forgiveness, and kindness: “O Lord our God, grant us peace, for You render everything to us.” (Isa 26:12)

Mervat Iskander

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