Monday, December 9, 2019

Monday, December 9, 2019

Amos 7: 1 – 9  
Psalm 25
Revelation 1: 1 – 8  
Matthew 22: 23 – 33 

I am writing this outside in the warmth and light of late August. My cat is sitting on “his” chair beside me, glorifying in the sun. I find myself thinking that if Tully the Cat could speak he would have plenty to say about light and the warmth that suffuses our soul. I am glad for the sudden holy reflection that nudges and pushes me to dance inwardly with joy. As I watch Tully I hear myself saying, “To you O God, I lift up my soul”.  In the darkening waiting weeks of Advent I have seen Tully following the path of a sunbeam or looking out the window, waiting. Anticipating with faith the time when he will feel the delight. This draws me to the realisation that in the dark coldness of winter the sunbeam lights up God’s presence. Calling me to respond. 
Divine light is God’s miraculous love and solace in our darkest pain and fear. God’s light also encompasses our happiness till we are able to see real joy. I have learned as an embodied soul I must actively glory in this divine sunbeam. Heavenly light belongs with Creation’s light. This is incarnation. And if I do not allow or recognise the divine light that already lives in my soul I will always see God as separate from my life. I will miss dancing with God’s light and not know God’s will guiding my journey. Advent light teaches me to be faithful, ready in anticipation, like my cat. 

Joanne Davies

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