Monday, December 16, 2019

Monday, December 16, 2019

Zechariah1: 7 – 17
Psalm 41, 52
Revelation 3: 7 – 13 
Matthew 24: 15 – 31 

The readings appointed for today are all about God’s vengeance and destruction, certainly not about divine light!  As we approach Christmas, we are surrounded by light – artificial light, multi-coloured, flashing and glaring with that horrible LED glow! 

Christmas can be the darkest of times for many.  Loneliness, isolation, homelessness, hunger, family squabbles, anything but the love of Christ whose birth we want to celebrate.  The lights of Christmas cast a black shadow for many.  For more and more people Christ’s light is not a reality.  And the Christ whose birth we celebrate is not even part of the equation.  It’s a holiday season at the idol of consumerism.

So, what are we being called to do?  How is God’s divine light being manifested in each of us?  And how are we bringing and being light in the world?  The psalmist instructs us: “Happy are they who consider the poor and the needy!” and goes on to tell us that if we do this God will look after us in time of trouble and when we are sick.

But, I do not believe that God barters with us…if you do this, God will do that.  God loves us unconditionally and in so doing has planted Christ’s light within us.  That light radiates within, healing us, forgiving our sins and helping to make us a whole person capable of bringing light to others.  

When we shine with inner light Christ’s light shines forth in all our actions and, in so doing, we can bring the spirit of Christmas alive throughout the year.   

Doreen Davidson   

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