Saturday, December 22, 2018

Saturday December 22, 2018

Psalm 80 
Isaiah 29:13–24 
Revelation 21.22—22.5 
Luke 1:39–48a (48b–56) 
Advent 4

Through all of the Advent Quiet Days I have attended over the years, it has been a time of “my” waiting or “my” expectations as I await the coming of Christ anew and the celebration of the Christ Mass. What do you think of when you reflect on Advent? 

The common thread I see in these readings is God’s expectation and waiting for us. Isaiah reveals that the people of Israel were doing lip service to God, were trying to say the right thing with their lips, but in fact their faith was a superficial faith – all words and no heart. Their mouth, and mind were saying one thing but their heart just was not in it. I think God is asking us to love God with our whole heart, mind, strength and soul; that deep down our prayers and praise be truly for the pure love for God. 

Psalm 80 reminds me that God will bless and enrich my life, not only in times of trouble, but at all times. God’s light and glory is within me – I just have to turn around and see with the eyes of my heart. 

I am aware of a parallel between the verses in Revelation with the Garden of Eden. Revelation describes a new creation – a new Garden of Eden, without all the things that spoiled the Garden. I can imagine the Tree of Life and the healing of all nations, which includes me too, being washed clean with the crystal water of life, and yes, I long to see God walking in the Garden again and being one with Love. Can you see it? 

Love has come to us through the “yes” of Mary and the beautiful Magnificat reflects that this love is there for us and for all to come. Jesus’ message throughout the Gospels tells us to share this love with all. Love. Love. Love.
                                                                                                            – Sr. Dorothy Handigan, SSJD

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