Saturday, December 29, 2018

A Greater Sacrifice?

A Greater Sacrifice?

In Holy Week, our Lord
gave up His life
for us and died
alone, betrayed,
abandoned. We know
no greater sacrifice
than this – to die
for others.

And yet, some thirty
years and more
before, the Holy
Word of God
gave up His Godhood
in exchange for
human birth and
mortal life.

The Word that breathed
across the chaos
at the start of
all creation,
that breathed into
being galaxies,
planets, elements and

the Word that shaped
the life we know –
bacteria, fish
and people –
that Word forsook
His Godly ways
to be born a babe
in Bethlehem.

The All-Knowing
knowledge for an
infant’s word-
less cry; the All-
Powerful traded
power for an infant’s
the Ever-Present
confined Himself
to human time and space;
the Infinite
found limits
in an infant’s
tiny world.

In Holy Week, our Lord
gave up his Life,
and this we hymn
with gratitude for
all his sacrifice.
In Christmastide, our Lord
was born, a baby held
in Mary’s arms. .

The Love that led our
Lord to death has
led our God to birth.
Rejoice! Rejoice, you
faithful, at this
wondrous sacrifice!
As we raise our alleluias,
Let us sing “Thanks be to God!”

Sr. Sue Elwyn, SSJD

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