Monday, November 30, 2015

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Matthew 12: 15b-21 

Each season of the year and of the church calendar gives us the gift of time for reflection; to hear God’s invitation as God’s chosen, the one in whom God loves and delights in. God came down among us through the Word and each Advent we are invited to reflect and bring Christ anew into our heart – to become our best selves again and again through God’s Spirit working in and through us during the year. At our baptism God’s Spirit is put upon us and we grow in that Spirit.

Winter: Time to reflect to make new - God’s invitation to Mary to bring to birth a new way of life on which we can put our hope and Mary’s “Yes” to God;

Spring: New life - resurrection/transformation - a new way of being is beginning to take root;

Summer: Growth through God’s Spirit working in and through me;

Fall: Maturity in the love God as God’s beloved and chosen servant. Sharing that love with others.

What is God’s invitation to me here and now?
What is my response going to be?
Advent calls me to become aware anew that my journey is just begun as God’s beloved chosen servant as I am invited to share God’s love with others in all of life circumstances and situations in yet another coming year; looking with anticipation for God’s surprises and delights.

-Sr. Dorothy Handrigan

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