Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Isaiah 52:7-10 

What an incredible reading to begin Advent 2015 – filled with hope of a return of the people of Judah from bondage and exile in Babylon to Jerusalem, hope that the temple would be re-built and worship restored, hope that God would return as promised through the prophets and love his people once again. And, in verse seven, the proclamation that God reigns. What a powerful statement that in fact summarizes the entire message of these three amazing verses.

This short biblical text begins with the voice of a single messenger, spreads to the voices of the watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem, and then to the whole of Jerusalem, so that a whole choir is singing praises to God. But it is the final message in verse ten of global anticipation that particularly resonates with me. The message is for “all the nations” and it is a message for today as well. In the midst of the ruins in our world, as we see people still being held in bondage and oppression, as we see great destruction and waste of our beautiful planet, as we witness great human suffering all around us, we can still experience the great hope and the great faith that says – God’s purpose is global, for all of us and forever. “God Reigns”.

-Sandi Austin

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