Saturday, December 9, 2017

December 10 -- HOPE

Hope is difficult in a hopeless world where nuclear-based political threats and environmental disasters place our planet in danger. Climate change-related phenomena -- fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes -- devastate our earth. Individually, we can do little to solve political battles; however, collectively, we can be agents of environmental preservation. My Hope is in the Lord.

Sadly, we face the extinction of many animals due to human interaction. Of the remaining 500 North American right whales, 13 were found dead in Maritime waters. Did human interference disrupt their quest for food? Is climate change to blame? My Hope rests with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. To protect the whales, the DFO proposed economically viable solutions: implementing surveillance flights; limiting ships to designated slow speed shipping lanes and mandating marine protected areas.

As good stewards of this Earth,, we should be concerned about what we eat, where we shop, what we buy and how we travel. Dozens of articles have been written about energy, water and heat conservation. Suggestions for using eco-friendly modes of transportation; recycling, repurposing and reusing unwanted clothing and food; buying rechargeable batteries and non-mercury thermometers; reducing paper waste with cloth napkins and shopping bags; making double-sided copies and buying certified, sustainable, recycled-content cards, toilet paper and tissues. My Hope rests with my 16 year old grandson who directed me to this information. This Advent, let us all consider Hope our priority.

Help Our Planet Everyone

  Sue Ann Elite

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